Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all the rage at the moment.  Advocates claim it’s a new and better alternative to traditional marketing whose effectiveness is declining.

That’s questionable. However Content Marketing certainly does have it’s uses – but then it always has done!  It’s not new, it’s just the media that have changed. 

The principle is that you nurture customers and prospects by plying them with useful information in the field that relates to your product – handy hints for example, such as recipe cards given away by food producers; or International’s free painting guides (which I worked on myself back in the day!).

It’s not selling as such, it’s more about building relationships with customers and prospects.  You give them something useful, their perception of your business is enhanced, and they show their appreciation by rewarding you with their business.

Although the principles of Content Marketing haven’t changed, the choice of media certainly has.  These days it’s more likely to be in digital form than printed, and that has the advantage that anyone whose interested in the ‘Content’ that you’re offering can be invited to request it instantly, thereby identifying themselves as a qualified lead and enabling you to capture their contact details for follow-up.

Content Marketing is not a substitute for conventional advertising when it comes to product and brand image building, but it is a valuable additional tool.