Creative Partners 20th Birthday

It is 20 years ago this January (2015) that we launched the Creative Partners agency. Our first ever Ad was for an 18ft Sea Ray with a 135hp sterndrive and trailer: “£12,950 On The Road”.  Today, our latest work features a 7,000hp 122ft Riva with an eight figure price tag.

Our world has changed out of all recognition, and so too has the boat industry.

An Ad that used to take a fortnight to create can now be produced in 24 hours.

Our rates and wages have risen, but since everything is so much quicker, the net cost to clients has barely altered in 20 years.  (If only the same could be said of print advertising rates; I do wonder what publishers did with their ‘new technology’ efficiency savings!).

The total leisure boat sector has grown hugely in value, due largely to the bigger boats.

Smaller boats have been sadly squeezed out, from advertising media, from marinas and from boat shows.

Every part of the industry seems to be chasing the higher margins offered by the larger boats.

But no-one should forget that today’s superyacht buyer is yesterday’s small boat owner.

Buyers of small, inexpensive boats, as well as those who build, equip and service them, are indispensable.

They need everyone’s support, they are the lifeblood of tomorrow’s big boat industry.