Web Copy

Writing copy for a website is the same as for a brochure – isn’t it? Well sort of, but to be really effective there are crucial differences.

Length is one of the most important. Some of the most ineffective websites are those with masses of long-winded copy. All the evidence says this is a waste of web space.

Only around 15% of people will read the full copy on a web page. The vast majority just scan it. They look for headings, sub headings and pictures to lead them to what they want to know. So key messages need to be in those headings and subheadings or bullet points, not buried in the body copy.

Research also shows that trust is pivotal to consumer response. People trust objective language more than flowery superlatives. So glossy ‘marketese’ is probably counterproductive. Facts are more convincing than hyperbole or unsupported claims.

And, of course, never underestimate the importance of pictures. You only have to look at Facebook to see that postings without a picture barely get noticed. A good picture that suggests what follows is at least as effective as a good headline.

And last, but by no means least, make it easy to respond. Wherever a reader might be on the site, a Call-to-Action or Contact link or button should always be within their screen view. rp@cp-uk.com